At present, new vaccines have been introduced that will help you get prevention from getting sick with the covid-19 disease. These new vaccines are from Pfizer and Moderna which have proven remarkably good at preventing serious illness of covid-19. However, it is still unclear how efficient the vaccines are in curbing the spread of the disease. Pfizer and Moderna took trials in order to track the number of people who received vaccinations who became sick with covid-19. This left the possibility that few vaccinated people get infected irrespective of developing symptoms. However, this could then spread the virus very silently. And it may eventually happen if they come in close contact with others or avoid wearing masks.

The experts in the medical field have revealed that it will become very critical for people if they do not wear masks after getting vaccinated since the danger of spreading the disease could still be there. 

The Way Of Virus Transmission

Talking about respiratory infections such as coronavirus, our nose is the main part from where the virus gets an entry. The virus multiplies in the nose at a very fast rate resulting in breaking the immune system to produce the type of antibodies. These antibodies are very specific to mucosa which is the moist tissue lining the nose, lungs, mouth, and stomach. However, suppose the same person is exposed to the virus for the second time than those antibodies along with the immune cells that have previously caught the virus will rapidly shut down the virus in the nose. This all will happen right before the virus gets the chance to spread elsewhere in the body. 

Corona Vaccination Process

In the case of corona vaccines, the vaccines are injected into the muscles stimulating the immune system to generate antibodies. However, this seems to be a good protection to keep the vaccinated person from getting ill. Few of these antibodies will circulate in the blood to the nasal mucosa and main stand over there. But it is still unclear about the antibody pools that need to be mobilized and track how quickly it moves. If the antibody pool is not moving then viruses can re-generate in the nose and then it can be sneezed or can be transmitted out to infect others.

People having the Covid-19 virus in their nose, as well as throat, are more expected to transfer the virus among others. While the lack of symptoms in the immunized people who became infected again advised that the vaccine may have assisted in keeping the virus levels in control.


Down the line, considering all the scenarios, it is very important to wear a mask even though you have been vaccinated. If you are staying in New York then you can approach Covid testing in Queens New York. You can find the best Coronavirus testing sites in Queens New York at an affordable price. 

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