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New York Urgent Care treats many common illnesses that can help you save time and money from visit to ER.

Our professional staff with years of experience will help address your concerns. Please call us with your specific medical needs at any of our locations.

New York Urgent Care is certified Urgent Care with major insurance carriers.
Please check with the insurance carrier on the plan provided benefits and cost of individual service and out-of-pocket expenses. Your individual situation may vary. If you think you have a psychiatric or life-threatening situation, please call 911.

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    New York Urgent Care Mission

    New York Urgent Care is your neighborhood’s walk in clinic. We strive to serve all our patients dignity while delivering exceptional quality affordable medical care without wait. Our professional medical staff will always be ready to serve all your medical needs without appointments and referrals 365 days a year.

    New York Urgent Care walk in clinic is a insurance approved state-of-the-art urgent care walk in center dedicated to providing immediate, high quality healthcare for our community. Our professional medical staff with years of experience, will provide essential preventive and routine health services for non-life threatening illnesses.


    How do I pay my bill?

    Pay My Bill

    How much will my copay be?

    To get your specific copay information, we’ll need to see your insurance card and verify the insurance carrier. We recommend that you call the member’s services number on the back of your insurance card to ask about coverage and co-payment fees for urgent care visits.

    Do you accept my insurance plan?

    Probably. We accept most commercial, medicaid managed care, medicare advantage and exchange plans.


    I don’t have my insurance card with me, can I still come in?

    Yes, if you have a photo ID and your Member ID number, or can get it from your insurance provider. You can give us a copy of your insurance card later.

    Do you accept cash and credit cards?

    Yes, we accept both.