DOT Physical Test

DOT Physical Test

A DOT physical test is the health and safety exam taken by the Department of Transportation that checks your eligibility to drive a commercial vehicle properly. This test is thoroughly based on your past as well as present medical history. A person who clears DOT physical test is considered fit and assures that his driving ability is not defective. Additionally, before a new candidate joins, most companies ask for a pre-employment drug test that will have drug screening during your DOT physical testing. 

Why Do I Need To Take DOT Physical Test?

The DOT Physical test is a necessary exam for individuals hoping to get behind the wheels of commercial motor vehicles (CMV). It ensures that all CMV drivers can perfectly handle the long hours and stress of operating commercial motor vehicles.

A DOT physical exam will include:

The DOT Physical exam evaluates the driver’s vision, and blood pressure, along with a complete review of their medical history. It ensures that the driver does not have any unwanted health conditions and can safely operate commercial vehicles.

  • DOT physical Hearing Test
  • DOT Physical Vision Test
  • Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Test 
  • Urine Test
  • General Physical tests include lungs, mouth, eyes, ears, neurological ability, vascular function, sleep apnea test, etc. 
  • DOT functional capacity testing

How Do I Prepare For The DOT Physicals In My Area?

While attending your dot physical test, you must be prepared to present any documents listing out medications that doctors have administered in the past month.

Individuals with medical disabilities must present a medical release form stating the doctor’s approval to work with your given condition.

NY Dot Physical Takeaway Tips

  • Commercial drivers should undergo a DOT physical exam every two years. 
  • Ensure To Take your driving license, medical history, 
  • Carry Your Glasses, Contact Lenses, or Hearing Aids
  • You can also make use of the DOT Medical Card. 
  • Suppose you are on medical leave and want to continue your commercial driving career after your comeback. In that case, you may need a DOT Physical Testing to check that your driving ability has not been compromised. 

Where Can I Receive Walk-in DOT Physicals Near Me?

Your search for Urgent Care Dot Physical ends at NYUCC!

NYUCC is your nearest dot physical center in Queens, NY., with complete support and professionalism during your period of the test. Our expert professionals always keep your medical needs on priority through their knowledge and experience. 

Why Visit NYUCC For Your DOT Physical Test?

  • A Clean & Safe Center
  • We Follow All The Safety Rules & Regulations laid down by the CDC and The Health Department
  • Quick & Prompt Emergency Medical Care 
  • We stay up to date on all the protocols and regulations as mandated by the state & CDC.

Visit NYUCC Today to take the test!

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