Common Illness

common illnesses at NYUCC

Common Illness

New York Urgent Care Center Common Illness Section

New York Urgent Care Center has been treating a number of common illnesses and has proven track records in saving patients’ time money as compared to going to an ER.New York Urgent Care Center is staffed with professionals with decades of experience and are able to address your medical concerns at all times.

Some more common illnesses that we deal with are given below along with their symptoms for general consideration:

  • Allergies

Allergy carries a number of possible causes and hence the symptoms are wide. Though some of them can be sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, eye irritation, inflamed throat due to air-borne allergies.

  • Bladder infections

Painful or feeling the burn of urination, bloody urine, a frequent feeling of getting urinated, and generating pressure in the lower back or lower abdomen.

  • Bronchitis

The symptoms of Bronchitis can be cough, slight fever or chills, fatigue, chest discomfort, short breathing, etc.

  • Colds

Cold symptoms can come abruptly and will start affecting the body. Its symptoms can be fever, headache, dry cough, pain & fatigue, etc.

  • Diarrhea

The symptoms can be loose or watery stools, cramp or pain in the abdomen, bloating, etc.

  • Ear infections

Ear infections can be easily detected by ear pain, vomiting, a dumb ear, balancing or walking issues, loss of hearing issues, etc.

  • Eye infections/sties

The symptoms of an eye infection may include watery eyes, consistent itching in the eyes, continue flaking of eyes, etc.

  • Hemorrhoids

The symptoms include frequent itching, irritation, and pain around the area of the anus, tough bowel movements, fecal leakage, etc.

  • Stomach flu (gastroenteritis)

It is a common illness among people that carries symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, muscle aches, joint aches, fever, etc.

  • Swimmer’s ear

Feeling of numbness inside the ear, blockage of the ear canal partially, decrease in the hearing, etc.

  • Strep / sore throat
  • Influenza (flu)
  • Laryngitis
  • Splinter removal
  • Sprains
  • Fingernail/toenail injuries
  • Cuts / minor lacerations, and etc.

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    New York Urgent Care is your neighborhood’s walk in clinic. We strive to serve all our patients dignity while delivering exceptional quality affordable medical care without wait. Our professional medical staff will always be ready to serve all your medical needs without appointments and referrals 365 days a year.

    New York Urgent Care walk in clinic is a insurance approved state-of-the-art urgent care walk in center dedicated to providing immediate, high quality healthcare for our community. Our professional medical staff with years of experience, will provide essential preventive and routine health services for non-life threatening illnesses.
    If you think you are having a psychiatric or life-threating situation please call 911.