Physical Exams

Physical Exams

An annual physical exam is a must for all individuals as it lets you and your doctor assess your overall health conditions. Physical exams can help early diagnose various health conditions and prevent any future health & medical emergencies.

Your busy daily schedule might not always give you the time for undergoing a comprehensive physical examIt is why NYUCC is perfect for active individuals searching for walk-in physical exams.

NYUCC is your one-stop destination for a physical exam. Take a quick look at the physical exams you can undergo with us:

We are one of the best places to get physicals owing to our professional staff, experienced physical exam doctors and quick and efficient urgent care services.

Our professional staff with years of experience will help address your concerns. Please call us with your specific medical needs at any of our locations. A physical exam doctor can help assess your risk factors and help you manage pre-existing or recently diagnosed health conditions responsibly.

For children and teens, the physicals listed below are a must for several reasons, including requirements for a school to allow your child to enrol in specific sports activities, after-school programs, and summer camps.

  • School physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • Camp physicals

Also for any adult yearly comprehensive physical exam is a great way to screen yourself for illness and prevent hefty medical costs down the road. A doctor can help assess your risk factors and help you manage obesity if that is identified as one of the risk factors.

We also provide pre-employment and occupational medical exams. Our flexible hours work around your school and busy family life. You do not require appointments and referrals. We are open 365 days a year and your preferred neighbourhood medical provider for families, cheap school physicals, sports, and annual physical exams.

Please also review our other offered services.

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