A few decades ago, every family had a designated physician or doctor. The concept was rather common in cities. However, with economic progress and the easing of migration rules and regulations, more people started to come here, and the internet boom also made it easy for people to find doctors closer to home by just clicking a few buttons.

Better lifecycle management

If you are still looking for reasons to have family physicians in urgent care, this is the first one for sure! This particular concept is immensely popular nowadays in various industries, with the software industry being a prominent member of the fraternity. However, it is the healthcare industry that serves as the inspiration over here. Family physicians treat people right from their childhood to their adulthood, so they are completely familiar with their medical history.

Familiarity with medical histories of families

A lot of conditions, diseases, and ailments tend to be genetic, and family physicians urgent care can identify them the best as well. The term genetic means that you have it from a close blood relative, such as parents or direct grandparents. This means that if such a person has a particular condition, you are at high risk of developing that condition as well. Since family physicians treat people across their lives, they are privy to such information.

Much greater scope for consultation

It is often thought that since family physicians urgent care are only general physicians by qualification, they are good enough only for treating basic illnesses such as colds, fever, cough, and mild infections. This, however, cannot be farther from the truth. It is eminently possible that your family physician has studied further after graduation as a general physician. This can include a diverse array of medical domains, such as internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, & gynecology.

Ease in identifying specialists

Having family physicians provide urgent care makes it easier for you to find the right specialists as and when the need to do so arises. If you are suspected of suffering from a serious health condition, you will need to be looked at by specialists who will conduct more tests so that they can diagnose your condition. This also helps them come up with the right treatment plan once they confirm what has happened to you.

Value for money and life

A lot of studies have revealed how valuable a family physician’s urgent care can be for you. These studies have found innumerable instances where such doctors have made the most appropriate recommendations at the right time and saved the lives of their patients. This way, they have also helped those families save quite a lot of money and hassles that they would have otherwise gone through. So, having these doctors means reducing the risk of hospitalization.


Thus, it is rather obvious that having a family physician is helpful in more ways than one. It helps you in the short term and has long-term benefits as well. However, if you wish to avail yourself of such a doctor, it is always better to consult a reputed healthcare facility.