In these unprecedented times, we know only what we encounter on social media or on our television sets. To have a proper understanding of the situation, you must know everything about the disease and not the other way round. The state governments are revising their strategies to combat the deadly virus and bring the situation under control. Since many people are unaware of where to go for COVID 19 disease testing and COVID 19 Antibody test in New York a web site has been set up by the city to provide this information. As more people approach the labs for testing, more cases will come to light.

What is COVID 19? 

The novel coronavirus is a highly infectious pandemic disease that spread through the transmission of the virus. The virus spreads through nasal discharge or the saliva droplets and is also airborne. When a carrier of the disease sneezes or coughs or even breathes onto another person he may catch the virus. The majority of people experience mild-to-moderate symptoms of the disease and don’t need serious medical attention. The results of the coronavirus testing have revealed that immunocompromised patients are at a greater risk of serious medical complications. They show severe respiratory symptoms and require hospitalization. The old age group suffers the most while the virus spreads. 

Who must undergo testing? 

The doctors and other medical staff determine if you must undergo testing for the novel coronavirus.  If you recently met a person who tested positive for the virus, the chances of contracting the virus increases. If you show any of the symptoms of the disease then you should go for testing. Also, if you are a healthcare or frontline worker, then it is better to get tested. 

Coronavirus Antibody Test is a test that checks for immunity to the virus. The healthcare worker collects a blood sample for testing. The test benefits the people who previously tested positive for the virus or had a history of the symptoms of the virus but did not undergo testing. Your body has antibodies for the virus if you test positive. 

Where to go for testing? 

If you have any of the symptoms of the virus, the likelihood of having the virus is high. If you tested negative for the virus previously and show the symptoms of the disease now, you must undergo re-testing. You can approach a nearby testing laboratory for testing

 Some urgent care clinics also have the staff who carry out testing. The commercial labs have all the facilities for testing. However, you may approach in emergency Rooms as well.