Are you wondering about the kind of services you can expect at a family urgent care center? It is always advisable to have a backup plan if you ever need medical attention but cannot get it from your primary care physician simply because they cannot schedule an appointment with you for some reason. You never know when a medical urgency is going to crop up, do you? The problem with primary care doctors is that they are available only for a limited number of hours. This means that if the timings do not match you have to look for other options. 

A lot of people in these cases tend to visit the local emergency rooms. Little do they know that they have much better options in these cases such as family urgent care clinics. 

Why should you visit such centers?

There are so many reasons why such centers are considered to be better than the emergency rooms at hospitals and the like, and one of them is surely the variety of services that they offer. 

Treatment of common colds – the flu

This is one treatment that you can always expect at a family urgent care center. At these centers, you can always get treated for the various symptoms that are associated with the common cold which is also referred to as the flu. If you are someone with a compromised immune system or if you have a chronic disease, you will be especially benefited by such centers. This is especially true in cases such as these when you come down with a cold. 

Treatment of ear infections and stomach aches 

If you have any of the abovementioned problems, you can always visit a family urgent care center to get treatment and obtain relief from such harrowing health issues. These two are supposed to be the most common reasons why a lot of people visit these centers as such.

Treatment of minor injuries 

These urgent care centers can treat a wide range of minor injuries such as minor burns, minor sprains, minor lacerations, and small fractures, to name a few.

Sports and school physicals 

A lot of these centers are visited by children before they appear for sporting or school events. The main aim of such visits to a family urgent care center is to make sure that the candidate in question is healthy enough to take part in a sporting team or even start school for that matter. 


The thing with a family urgent care center is that they offer a whole range of services, some of which we have spoken about already. It also helps that the medical professionals who work at these centers are as highly trained as they are. You can walk in at any time into such a center and get the treatment that you need. If you want, you can also make a prior appointment – the choice is all yours in this case! Even in cases where you walk in you can expect to be attended to for an hour at the most.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Queens’ Walk-In Clinics: Your Go-To Solution For Non-Emergency Medical Needs

The operating hours of walk-in clinics may vary, but they generally offer extended hours, including evenings and weekends. It's recommended to check the specific clinic's website or contact them directly for their exact operating hours.
While having health insurance can be beneficial, walk-in clinics typically welcome both insured and uninsured patients. If you don't have insurance, you can still receive medical attention, and the clinic will offer payment options that suit your needs.
Yes, many walk-in clinics in Queens provide vaccinations for various preventable diseases, including flu shots, tetanus boosters, and more. They can also offer travel vaccinations for those planning to go abroad.
Walk-in clinics are staffed by a team of qualified medical professionals, including licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered nurses. They are experienced in handling a wide range of non-emergency medical conditions.
Yes, walk-in clinics are equipped to provide high-quality medical care for non-emergency conditions. However, it's essential to keep your primary care physician informed about your visit to ensure continuity of care and proper medical record-keeping.
Absolutely! Walk-in clinics often offer physical examinations for children required for school enrollment, sports participation, and other activities. They can provide the necessary documentation after the examination.
Walk-in clinics aim to minimize waiting times for patients seeking non-emergency care. While wait times can vary depending on the clinic's current patient load, they are generally shorter than those experienced in hospital emergency rooms.
Walk-in clinics have implemented strict safety measures to protect both patients and staff during the pandemic. These measures include mandatory mask-wearing, frequent sanitization, social distancing, and separating potential COVID-19 patients from others. Rest assured, you can receive care in a safe environment.
NYUCC operates multiple walk-in clinics across Queens, and you can visit any of them for non-emergency medical needs. Choose the location that is most convenient for you, and you will receive the same level of quality care.
Yes, if the medical professional at the walk-in clinic determines that you need prescription medications for your condition, they can provide you with a prescription. You can either fill it at the clinic's pharmacy or take it to a local pharmacy of your choice.