Urgent care centers are rapidly growing in the field of health care. According to reports, about 96% of the urgent care centers have seen a rise in patients with an urgent care lab following various business models. They offer the facility of onsite x-rays, taking care of a minor/acute injury or illness even during evenings and weekends. NYUCC i.e. New York Urgent Care Center is among those urgent care centers that are enhanced by on-site radiology and occupational health care services.

NYUCC is one of the best occupational health clinics and they are mid-level providers like a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.  Where DOT physical Tests, drug screen, and many more services are provided. Urgent Care Centers are for those who try avoiding the long waiting queues outside hospitals. Urgent care centers are the best if you are facing a minor medical emergency or looking for other services like vaccinations or urgent care blood tests. Some of the things to know before you go to one are listed as under:

  1. Finding the right center for your needs

Don’t wait till the last moment to visit the center. Contact us because we do accept your insurance plans. NYUCC offers excellent occupational health care services that focus on pediatric care. Find a care center that is close to your location. If urgent care can communicate with the doctor’s office, then it is a plus choice.

  1. Know the best time to a visit

You can visit NYUCC, during operational hours. The clinic stays operational even at weekends and holidays as well. If you are planning to visit NYUCC, call them beforehand and book your appointment. You can make an inquiry on a call about when the required doctor will be available.

  1. Check online

Many of the urgent care centers are walk-in centers and NYUCC is one of them. Most of the time you don’t need appointments for visiting the center. It has the provision of online appointments as well.


NYUCC offers affordable and convenient urgent medical services to its patients. Hence, you should always make sure you choose it for a minor medical condition. Furthermore, you just need to be aware of what the center can treat and what they cannot before visiting them.