Commercial drivers are required to certify under the Department of Transportation (DOT). As per the rules and regulations of DOT, commercial drivers give a Dot physical test under the guidance of certified health care professionals. The dot physical health And safety tests play a very crucial role. It checks the physical condition of the driver thoroughly and confirms whether the driver is capable of commercial driving or not. 

It allows the Department of Transportation to check the physical condition and capability of the driver to drive a commercial vehicle. After the clearance of DOT physical and Dot Physical drug test, Department of Transportation issues CDL (Commercial Driving License) to the drivers. 


The requirements of the DOT Physical test

The DOT Physical test takes into consideration the complete medical history as well as the present medical condition of the driver. The physical tests make sure that the driver is physically and mentally fit to cope up with the physical requirements of the job. It also checks whether the drivers can tolerate the health-related risks that come along with the job of commercial driving.

For DOT Physical test one needs to carry some health-related documents such as:

  1. General Medical records
  2. Recent Laboratory Results
  3. Any auditory or visual aids
  4. Medical prescriptions


 A dot Physical test is generally suggested to drivers who:

  • Intends to work as a professional driver and to operate a motor vehicle with a passenger capacity of more than 8 people
  • Transport hazardous materials and require to have hazmat placards on their vehicle.
  • Operate a motor vehicle that carries more than 15 people
  • Operates motor vehicle with a gross weight of more than 10,000 pounds

Once the driver passes the DOT physical test, the driver will get the medical certificate stating that the driver is allowed to drive a commercial vehicle for 2 years, provided if the driver has no other mental or physical condition that requires constant testing and procedure. 


A Dot Physical Exam includes:

    • DOR Physical vision test
    • DOT physical hearing test
    • Blood pressure test
    • Heart rate test
    • Urine Test
    • DOT Functional capacity tests
    • Some general tests such as lungs, mouth, ears, eyes, vascular function, and much more
  • Dot physical drug test


Where do you go to get the DOT Physical test?

DOT physical test is performed by licensed medical examiners listed in the FMCSA national registry. The medical examiner that can successfully conduct the DOT physical and DOT physical drug test can be any one of the following: 

  • Chiropractor
  • Physician Assistant
  • Medical Doctor
  • Osteopathic doctor

Not all licensed medical professionals are certified to conduct DOT Physical tests and exams. It is imperative to check the credentials of the medical examiner before associating with the medical center. 

The key takeaway

If you are a commercial vehicle driver then, you must undertake the health and safety exam from the Department of Transportation. (DOT physical test). In NY DOT Physical is mandatory for commercial drivers and must be conducted by a specialized medical examiner.  DOT physical tests are required every 2 years for professional drivers for CDL.