The covid-19 pandemic is accountable for what could be the most severe economic collapse of all time. Businesses have been forced to close, leaving millions of Americans jobless. Many employers are worried about reopening their businesses, and those who lost their jobs are eager to find employment and get back to work.

The latest survey performed by the current consulting group found that at the beginning of the pandemic, 20% of employers have reported a drop of 61% or more in the number of drug tests that they have performed on employees through the occupational health center.

The CDC has issued a myriad of guidelines pertaining to workplace safety during pandemics:

  • Encourage sick people or employees to stay home.
  • Identify how and where employees are exposed to covid-19 in the workplace.
  • Separate sick employees
  • Take action based on confirmed covid-19 infection.
  • Protect higher risk employees
  • Limit travel.
  • Lower the risk when you are planning a meeting or gathering.

Drug Testing In The Covid-19 Era:

The pandemic has desired many employers to rethink orthodox testing methods in favour of those that meet safe practice guidelines. The intrinsic ease of a typical oral fluid collection to take place anywhere anytime. There is no requirement to use a secured restroom and no shared equipment when you visit us for occupational health care services.

The Purpose Of Drug Testing:

Many people undergo drug testing for several reasons including:

  • Needs for pre-employment
  • Testing for performance-enhancing drugs in athletes
  • Aiding a legit investigation.
  • Monitoring prescription medication use.

Concern About Virus Exposure During Sample Collection:

Ask patients to be present in a clinic to provide samples that may increase their chances of exposure to the virus. People may be exposed to viruses through travel or through the healthcare facility itself. For some patients with substance use disorder who require medication, physicians figure out the collection of biological specimens and instead continue providing access to drugs or medicine.

Employers consider using mobile collection services if regular stationery collection sites are unavailable. They will also conduct drug testing at a later date, the necessary requirements and regulations are followed according to the occupational health clinic.

Conducting A Safe Drug Test During Covid-19:

If the healthcare center wants to continue drug tests during the pandemic, every center needs to follow this guideline:

  • Have sufficient PPE (personal protective equipment) for all members of the staff.
  • Make sure that patients wear masks in local or state regulations.
  • Maintain at least 5 feet of distance between the staff and patients
  • Use barriers
  • Sanitize the collection area after each use.

Return To Work Drug Testing:

In old times it said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” maybe in drug testing terminology, a more appropriate way to say this would be testing drugs done right helps employers avoid a lot of problems down the road.
many employees which are federally regulated, it is very significant to remember that it is important to meet the required rates of the current pandemic. Every workplace has slowed down in many industries.

At NYUCC, we help you get through the occupational health care services check and assist you throughout the process with drug testing. We at NYUCC follow all the protocols for screening that have been associated with the everlasting COVID-19 pandemic.