Worried about the health of your family members and seeking some urgent care center in New York? Well, do not worry because we, NYUCC, are here.

NYUCC serves all patients from the entire Long Island Region. The expert professionals of NYUCC have been offering immediate medical care especially when your primary doctor is out of reach. So, you do not have to worry if someone in your family seeks some medical assistance for a cold, cough, flu, fracture, or some other urgent care. NYUCC has been the best and most trustworthy family urgent care clinic that will fulfill all your urgent medical needs at its earliest.


When you or one of your family members feel sick or become injured and need to visit the doctor on an urgent basis, then waiting for your turn cannot be a good option. Also, you may start worrying about the pain your family member would face and may look for quick medical care. Also, it can be tough to get appointments for the same day and weekends, while evening schedules become tough. At these times, New York Urgent Care Center is the perfect solution when your family doctor or physician is inaccessible.

Its urgent care experts are here for you and your family’s urgent medical care. You can simply visit our site for the treatment of specific illnesses and injuries. Also, you can visit the center for other purposes like physicals, flu, lab testing, digital x-rays, and more. NYUCC is the leading family medical urgent care that will complete all of the community’s urgent medical needs of your family through direct walk-ins where no appointment is required.

Quick Services Round The Clock

NYUCC is open every day every week. However, it is recommended to call them on holiday for the working hours. Additionally, NYUCC offers convenient working hours so that you can consult us and get well at a faster recovery rate.

The urgent care center provides a low-cost alternative to the emergency room where the waiting time is quite low and the patient from your family can feel better at a faster pace. NYUCC possesses a board of certified family physicians that is all set to take care of your urgent medical needs. However, the prime goal of NYUCC is to offer every patient the best quality of medical care and kindness. With this, you and your family will be on a safer path to recovery.

Remember, at NYUCC, no appointments are required. We offer an online check-in service for all our patients and also for any medical service we provide. Visit our website nyucc.com for more details and get treated with the best medical care in the town.