In a short span of time occupational health services have gained immense recognition due to their prominent role in worker’s compensation and treatment of workplace illness or injuries. The occupational health services have gained limelight due to their prominent role in determining the fitness of the employees with the help of employment exams, fit for duty exams, audiometry, drug screening, DOT physicals, and much more. While being distinctively different and class apart from each other both occupational health services and urgent care centers are synergetic. Since most of the time workplace injuries include mental trauma or sudden illness both arenas often cross each other’s part.   Associating with a professional urgent care center offering expert occupational health services can be very lucrative.

Here’s are a few points that justify the new role of urgent care centers in providing occupational health services:

  • Provides great convenience: Generally, normal walk-in clinics are morning and evening business which means they are available only on working days between Monday to Friday. Getting your employees at such an occupational health center can be a cumbersome task as it may waste your lot of time, effort with an impact on productivity too. Urgent care Center is flexible. They are available on all days irrespective of public holidays and festivals. One can schedule for screening and testing even after working hours or on weekends. Partnering with an urgent care center for occupational health services can ease out the testing procedure without hampering work output. 
  • Quick attention: Urgent Care clinic plays a very important role in case of any non-life-threatening illness or workplace injuries. It can provide one the required treatment on time without any wait time. 
  • Total Urgent Care: Apart from occupational health services, the urgent care center provides all the necessary medical aid and attention as and when needed. Affiliating with an occupational health center providing urgent care facilities can be useful at the time of emergency and protect the safety, well-being, and health of the workmen. 
  • Professional exams: The exams conducted by the Occupation health center are in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Transportation. The certified and trained team of examiners conducts these health exams for the employees. 
  • Customer supports: One of the major roles of urgent care centers that give it a cutting edge over normal med care clinics is accessibility and customer support. The urgent care center offering occupational health services are the professionals with expertise and experience in dealing with corporates and industries. They are well aware of the process and system. They make sure all the queries are resolved and test results are submitted within the given time frame. 

The bottom line

The increasing popularity of urgent care centers and their versatility in providing occupational health services have carved a niche for these centers. Today, corporations and business houses are interested in associating with an occupational health center that offers comprehensive and complete urgent care health services to its employees.  Companies affiliate and partner with those centers that can contribute immensely by organizing systems and following all the required medical test protocols as well as clinical practice.