Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, plenty of foods, events, and alcoholic beverages can derail your routine.

According to studies, people typically gain a little extra weight during holidays.

This result is no surprise, but studies have also shown that people frequently don’t lose that weight before the upcoming holiday season. Experts have shared the best advice for staying healthy over the holidays to help you stay on track.

Even if something goes south and you or your family member doesn’t feel healthy, you can count on a family urgent care clinic which is a step down from an Emergency. An urgent care facility can handle many medical conditions and provide quick treatment.

Christmas is a time when people often overindulge, but don’t let this be your excuse! You can still participate in all the holiday celebrations and get through the Christmas season without much impacting your weight or health. For a healthier Christmas, try out these 5 Tips to Stay Healthy:

Christmas Spirit

The temptation to overindulge can be increased during the Christmas season when there is frequently more alcohol in the house than usual. People also tend to socialise more at this time of year, which increases the opportunities for drinking alcohol.

Despite the difficulty, moderation will make Christmas Day much more enjoyable. Here are some quick suggestions regarding alcohol:

  • Eat before you drink, stay away from salty snacks because they make you thirsty,  
  • Avoid drinking in the morning, 
  • Keep in mind that you are not required to attend every party invitation.
  • Decide to be the designated driver and only consume soft drinks
  • Stay hydrated
  • Add more mixers to your glass
  • Try nonalcoholic beers to make your drink last longer.
  • Or pick alcoholic beverages with lower alcohol content.
  • Drink at your own pace.

Don’t stay seated.

Except for the hour or two, you spend seated at the dining table on Christmas Day; it can be tempting to spend most of the day sitting on the couch. Seasonal movie marathons draw a lot of families together.

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying some time on the couch, it will also be for your overall well-being if you occasionally get up and move around.

All that’s required is a brief stroll through the park, a game of frisbee, or even some star jumps in the middle of the couch. 

You will be able to burn some of those extra calories if you can exercise every other day. Exercise after drinking is not recommended, but if you can do some cardio, that will help you burn off the effects of any alcohol you consume.

Eat something healthful

Even though Christmas Day is overflowing with delicious & sweet food, you can still indulge in some lighter fare.

Try substituting a few caloric snacks with a piece or two of fruit. Along with the apparent advantages of consuming more vitamins and minerals, you might also notice that you’ll feel fuller and be less likely to eat the unhealthier options nearby.

Make sure to include some nutritious food items on your list when you shop for the holidays.

Keep Colds At Bay

Christmas is a time of year when colds are expected, partly because so many of us travel and expose ourselves and others to various cold viruses. Reduce your risks by keeping your immune system strong so that you are better able to fight off any viruses. This can be done by eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep.

Be cautious!

Accidents do occur, and they do so frequently during the holiday season. A hot stove and alcohol don’t go together; there are batteries kids can swallow, Christmas trees that cats can knock over, and meat-cutting knives.

First and foremost, candles are still an open flame, even though they are attractive to look at. No matter how plastic your Christmas tree is, keep candles away from it. In actuality, avoid using candles whenever possible.

Ensure that children are always supervised and that toys are age-appropriate.

If any such accident does occur, don’t worry; just call or visit the nearest family urgent care center. We at NYUCC perform rapid lab tests with results while you wait, and we have X-ray and EKG machines on-site. Our approach to treating your medical condition is centred on the issue you are currently dealing with.