NYUCC Offers COVID-19Testing

Why Take Antibody Test?

  • An antibody test will screen all antibodies in your blood that helps you fight against any infection
  • COVID-19 Antibody Test will check if you were exposed to coronavirus and whether you have been recovered after that
  • The test is carried out with the patient’s blood specimens that are further diagnosed by the laboratories to generate results
  • Why Take the COVID-19 Nasopharyngeal Virus Detection Test?
  • This COVID-19 test is taken in the case the patient is suffering from fever, symptoms of an upper respiratory illness or flu, toughness in breathing, cough, etc
  • The nasopharyngeal specimen shall be forwarded to the concerned laboratory to generate results

Why Choose NYUCC for Antibody & Nasopharyngeal Virus Detection Test?

  • We follow a quick process and handover test results in just 2-5 days
  • We are direct walk-in, No Appointment needed
  • Every precautionary measure is taken to fight against COVID-19
  • Friendly staff ready to serve you